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Mobile club v club

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Wed, Jul 19 2017 5:25 PM by philb1818. 0 replies.
  • philb1818 United Kingdom
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    Wed, Jul 19 2017 5:25 PM

    Looking for a mostly mobile club to set up a club v club tourney, we have a few PC players that would be interested too, we have a few tour masters but are mostly legend and up, can easily organise 20-40 mobile players and 5-10 PC players, 

    We would prefer to organise this through our telegram app which is very easy to use and a great communication tool.

    We already run match play, best ball, stroke play, stableford and team events in-house so the framework is in place to choose best format for you.

    If interested please comment below or sign in to the telegram app and search for silver dollar city high stakes club to speak directly with one of our directors, or search @philb1818 and I will take you direct to our tournament director to discuss options.