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Re: new golf course

Mon, Jun 5 2017 2:19 PM by srellim234. 11 replies.
  • Jimbog1964 Guernsey
    8,353 Posts
    Mon, Jun 5 2017 1:07 AM


    +1 above.

    New member politely asks a question and receives that from oldduffer.

    Wonder why he came to use that as a name.

  • srellim234 United States
    2,077 Posts
    Mon, Jun 5 2017 2:19 PM

    It's all a matter of perspective, Olduffer. Some of us could say the same thing about you being spoiled. Those of us at or near 10 years (my 10th anniversary here will be this Friday (6/09) had all of nine holes of CTTH with starter equipment only.

    Some things get better and some things get worse. Either way the game continues to evolve.