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Re: Cross Platform

Wed, Nov 13 2019 8:39 AM by OneIron44. 11 replies.
  • nolongerlonger United States
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    Sat, Apr 8 2017 9:24 AM

    Seemed to me the problem would be solved if device users had the ability to go "hidden". They tell me they can not do this.  The device users show up in a friend list as "Green".  If you do not know they are playing on a device you assume they are available.  Sometimes you get the CPPNS message; sometimes not. Just confusing.

  • OneIron44 United States
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    Wed, Nov 13 2019 8:39 AM

    Because I just came into the discussion, I want to know if there is procedure in place for me to close my device, go on my MacBook Air and play against PC's? If so, why do two player friends show up on my friend list on the MacBook, both of them active, and I can only invite one of them. One has a green icon (Can be invited), the other (who was rejected my device for being "cross-platform", cannot be invited. There has to be a pathway to follow to overcome this. Please help.