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Re: Post Your Best Replays Here!

Mon, Jun 22 2020 10:00 AM by Pego1986. 3,413 replies.
  • goldeena Thailand
    1,946 Posts
    Wed, Sep 25 2019 5:08 AM

    Complete luck, and I REALLLLLY NEED IT RIGHT NOW, LOLOLOS!!!



    I know I could go up at any moment and I am desperate to claw in as much winnings as possible on the courses I am most potent with the formula on, in the Legend Tier RG's.


    I know it is going to be a huge struggle to survive up there, and I mean Open Tier RG's not TL's, apparently the TL RG circuit is practically non existent and I will be forced to go up against the giants :-O - you can see my psychological war offensive in the music thread, lololos, but I gotta use every resource that's available and that I am good at, and I am good at that kinda thing ;-)


    I need ball money and float - enough float to counter a losing streak in the RG's. That's over the 5095 credits for the putter. Ideally I would love to be 2 grand in front of the purchase price of that putter and I dare not look at my Tier status every time I log on (careful what you wish for deena, you might just get it).


    Anyway today's on Pebble wasn't great - hey it was pretty fab actually but in light of my recent run of 27's I was like 'nevermnind, you can't get a 27 every time and hey if you get this it's still 28 :-))


    And then THAT happened, lolololos - Yancy was sneaking around in the bushes and declared 'OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES YOU CANNNN 'CAN' GET IT??!!1 lolololos!!!




  • Pego1986 Slovakia
    122 Posts
    Sat, Oct 19 2019 12:58 AM
  • Dubfore Ireland
    4,210 Posts
    Mon, Oct 21 2019 4:21 AM

    My 13th H-in-1. A 213 yard perfect ACE, and with a 10 cent ball!  

    replay.aspx?ID=e028fed7 ef54 48f8 9e15 aaed00ba14d5


    ....and this 83 footer for eagle! Watch it on number 2.

    replay.aspx?ID=b8128c56 9539 4839 a46c aaed00be83d9

  • Dougie4042 United States
    4,381 Posts
    Sun, Oct 27 2019 4:43 AM



    And then THAT happened


  • darek2 United States
    1,769 Posts
    Fri, Nov 8 2019 10:07 AM
    how about 90ft after pin at Chamber 18 - strong down 23

  • kipdog87
    1,816 Posts
    Sun, Nov 10 2019 4:59 AM
  • darek2 United States
    1,769 Posts
    Mon, Nov 18 2019 1:35 PM
  • DoctorLarry United States
    3,572 Posts
    Tue, Nov 19 2019 12:00 AM
  • Cuser44 United States
    800 Posts
    Tue, Nov 19 2019 9:22 AM

    Ace on Par 4--Wolf Creek #13--Ace #10

  • darek2 United States
    1,769 Posts
    Sun, Dec 29 2019 8:20 AM

    how about  233y at Kiawah #2 str8 in :), wow imposible  this stay in OO