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Re: The Georgian VS IBIS

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Thu, Feb 16 2017 12:03 AM by adamnot. 3 replies.
  • adamnot Australia
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    Tue, Feb 7 2017 10:17 PM

     The Georgian CC Is playing the IBIS in an Club vs Club competition it will be  match play  starting from now for one week. It will be looked at at that point and may extend but it would be nice to get them in within the week we are  all daily players so do your best please.   It will be  18 holes on Kiawah Island.   

    Rules and Regulations

    1. Matches played at  Kiawah Island Full 18 holes (Ranked Matchplay)

    2. Finish date Midnight 14 February GMT

    3. Please send friend request to opponents as soon as possible.

    4. Matches must be arranged for a specific time & date, between players eg "Invite me when Im green" is not an arrangement.

    5. Match problems must be communicated to your team captains (Adamnot or  Jmar413) without delay. If matches are not complete a decision will be made to whom the match is awarded. Thus non-completion does not necessarily mean a draw. Try your best to get your matches done in specified period.

    6. Match scores must be posted regularly by team captains or individual players on the public WGT forum thread created. Link to thread will be provided soon.

    7. No focus boosts will be allowed during matches. Use of this tool will lead to a disqualification

    I will provide the link and update regularly.  name to follow.

    The course is Kiawah Island




    The Result is The Georgian 11              IBIS    11

    gregcuk  UK C 54.7  WezdaBez C 54.92 Sweden
    Jobey29            UK C 59.69 Barti75 C 59.6 Poland
    JacksonKent     UK C 58     NMackinnon2 C 58.05 UK
    Rossembo UK C 53.62   DoktorSlice   C 53.39 Sweden
    scottymojo       Canada C 58.86 USMC8999RETIRED  C 58.15 America
    Shanks181           Ireland C 56.07 gavarossi  C 56.02 Sweden
    soliderock America C 60.75  AugustW  C 60.58 America
    ssommers Canada L 60.64 jman413 C 55.93 America
    Mhaggstrom       America L 62.48 SoCalWilliam1022 L 63.45 America
    Helicopter68 America L 60.94       avenger97 L 61.15 America
    Nephets01 America L 67.8   VettemanL82 L 67.74 America
    RauolEastwood       Jamaica L 62.4    Driverdogg L 62.56 America
    Senators730 America L 63.56  LSquire L 63.39 America
    Thomaslongshot America L 60.57  Bopshu L 62.79 Canada
    zoombaya America L 64.32    JWidiger1 L 64.07 America
    2043dennis      America L 66.17  ancientldv L 65.63 America
    Simonanna Serbia L 67.33    bigrigger2 L 69.57 America
    HooksMcGilligan America L 60.69  Hamilton30 L 60.49 Canada
    jefferysdavis75 America L 71.8     katmanlives L 70.84 America
    VanMeerV America L 61.61 Glassdriver L 63.63 America
    Sirbugger Australia L 66.1 TomL6917 L 67.41 America
    Geckosands America L 60.87 yobots    L 60.32 America
    GlynnAP UK M 63.6 gmb1943 M 66.33 America
    ShaanBeckham   India C 59.15 HittingMachine TL 62.11 Thailand
    ChicagoCWright America TL 63.3 bob2putt TL 61.33 America
    iamvapour Alaska TL 59.97   redsclown57 TL 60.2 Canada
    1rumblinguy     America TM 62.56   SecondandGoal TM 62.5




  • adamnot Australia
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    Wed, Feb 8 2017 10:43 PM

    I do wish everyone all the best and good luck to all.   This is an oportunity to meet like minded people and possibly start up new friendships.

    Fun is the key word so lets all enjoy.  Once again good luck everyone.


  • iamvapour United States
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    Tue, Feb 14 2017 11:07 PM

    Readers' Digest version, as I recall...

    2 DN after 10 holes kids distraction etc, Told my opponent, after I DC'ed, the result would stand...He ( Tony, from St John, NB, Canada ) wanted to play another 9 so we did with him 2UP. Played him EVEN till the 21st hole, then he chipped in Eagle ---- so,:

    redsclown57 defeated iamvapour in a 18 hole match play game on KIAWAH ISLAND: THE OCEAN COURSE. Call it 3DN, to be fair.

    If that makes any sense, lol, lmao, very, very gracious Opponent. Go Geo . Kev'

  • adamnot Australia
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    Thu, Feb 16 2017 12:03 AM

    I wish to thank all players for their efforts and congratulate you all on helping to make this competetion an enjoyable event. I wish everyone all the best and do hope you all enjoy your golf