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Re: Andyson Memorial 2016 - Final Result and de-brief.

Mon, Feb 6 2017 3:58 PM by mystry78. 39 replies.
  • opyeuclid United States
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    Tue, Dec 13 2016 4:37 PM

    And this my Friends is what and why we have each other . The community of WGT land .


    The game might glitch and some will Btch but others will look for fun , Andyson was one of few that enjoyed the other side of this game .

      It was a pleasure to see how this Family stood up together for what was right .


             Dear Santa ,  

    I ask for not my self of this season of joy .  But that we all reflect on all the good things that this game put a smile on your face . 


  • pdb1 United States
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    Tue, Dec 13 2016 5:29 PM


    Thank's Paul, nice work man.

    A very cool reminder of the event (and the man himself).

      Thank you Paul . From the start . Watching you take the reins . Being in the tournament . I knew I had to contribute as well . It was because of 


    I must say that for people who were often at odds, you have put together a truly fine tribute to our departed friend. Thank you for this.

    Doc :)


      That I gained the respect that I have for Andyson and all of you as well . Truly an epic experience . 


      I have completed my "Memorials to the Memorial" . They come in 3 parts .

      1) THE ANDYSON CAMPAIGN ( a colorful look at the 1st Memorial Tournament )THE FULL TOURNAMENT ART

      A look at the artwork submitted throughout the entire tournament

      2) ***ANDYSON MEMORIAL***

      An attempt to capture some highlights and comments during the event . To also honor PaulTon and crew in an easy scrolling wrap up of all the phases of the tournament . ( very long ) .


      My personal collection of ANDYSON artwork . I have gathered over the years . With over 40 entries . 

      Please enjoy . 

  • mrcaddie United States
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    Mon, Feb 6 2017 8:42 AM


    Just a quick, belated stated previously, the player I got teamed up with in the matchplay section of your tournament doesn't live too far from me and I finally got to meet my nemesis, who so solidly handed me my hat in your Andyson Memorial Tournament, in real life.

    It is still a little too cold to play outside here in New England, but we managed to play a round at an indoor golf simulator facility two days ago and we had a blast.

    Thanks to you Paul, I now have a new indoor, outdoor and virtual golfing partner.


    From L-R...mystry78, eingmund & mrcaddie



  • pdb1 United States
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    Mon, Feb 6 2017 9:16 AM

      Wow . Wayne . How cool is that ? 

      Yes a GR8 example of the goodwill and humanity and an endless list of positive ramifications and future good things . 

      That has and will result from PaulTon's efforts from his magnificent Memorial Annual Event . 

      Right On , Cheers and Kudo's . 


      I'm still playing with friends I made during that event . Some new . Some long overdue . 

  • PaulTon United Kingdom
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    Mon, Feb 6 2017 11:21 AM

    How cool is that!? 

    That has genuinly made my day, thank's for sharing the news.

  • craigswan United Kingdom
    16,739 Posts
    Mon, Feb 6 2017 12:02 PM

    Great stuff guys .

  • alanti Australia
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    Mon, Feb 6 2017 2:39 PM


    How cool is that!? 

    That has genuinly made my day, thank's for sharing the news.

    Mine awesome outcome. Kudos again to Paul and everyone who helped make this the BEST WGT event and it did bring the community together.

    To Dennis....raises glass (well coffee cup////

  • bubbsboy United Kingdom
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    Mon, Feb 6 2017 3:30 PM

    Fantastic that news. 

    Must be great meeting friends from here in real life

    Chuffed for you

  • opyeuclid United States
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    Mon, Feb 6 2017 3:57 PM

    Thats just way to cool , 


  • mystry78 United States
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    Mon, Feb 6 2017 3:58 PM

    It was an absolute pleasure and a blast to meet Mr Caddie and Eingmund and play some sim golf. And this time I had my hat handed to me by both of them:)

    I look forward to playing some real golf with these fine gentlemen this spring when the weather warms up around here.

    Thanks again to Paul Ton for organizing this great event for our friend Andyson.