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Re: ~~~ R.I.P "DFLOP" - 12/1971 - 03/2015 ~~~

Sat, Apr 4 2020 12:14 AM by ozysouthpaw. 17 replies.
  • couchpot Australia
    617 Posts
    Wed, Jul 1 2015 12:29 AM

    one of the good guys of the world he will be missed. I have many on-line friends but very few leave with you feeling of regret when they are gone. Dflop is one of those few. A staunch Aussie Aussie Aussie member he will be remembered for as long as the club shall last.

  • katton333 Australia
    548 Posts
    Wed, Jul 1 2015 1:43 AM

    Top shelf guy who would always made me feel good about myself. A very special person.

      I'l never forget Deefa. 

    R.I.P Mate

  • alanti Australia
    10,517 Posts
    Wed, Jul 1 2015 2:15 AM

    Tragic news indeed, RIP Mate. 

    Condolences to his family and friends......he will be missed

  • oneeyedjohn Iceland
    8,993 Posts
    Wed, Jul 1 2015 2:30 AM

    Very very sad,my condolences to family and friends.

    RIP M8


  • ozysouthpaw Australia
    1,825 Posts
    Wed, Jul 1 2015 6:09 AM

    So terribly sad. My thoughts are with his family and friends outside WGT.

    Deef became a great friend to me in my early days at AAA, passing on his tips and knowledge of the game.

    He had told me of his issues, but not once did he complain about it. Only thing that worried him was that being in hospital so much took away too much of his fishing time.

    A true blue, fair dinkum bloke if there ever was one. Called it as he saw it, no beating around the bush. The Aussie way.

    You will be missed mate, but your name and memory will live on in AAA where you were a mate and mentor to many.

    Tight lines mate.



    Aussie Club Captain


  • lonnieskinner United States
    1,677 Posts
    Wed, Jul 1 2015 7:04 AM

    Sad day at WGT. Prayers.

  • Warringah1 Australia
    73 Posts
    Thu, Jul 2 2015 2:47 AM

    Put simply...........

    A Champion bloke who has left us way too early!

    Wherever he goes he will go in peace.



  • ozysouthpaw Australia
    1,825 Posts
    Sat, Apr 4 2020 12:14 AM

    5 years on and Dflop is remembered always by the Aussie Aussie Aussie brotherhood.

    RIP mate. 

    Cheers, beers & tight lines.