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Re: ~ Beards ~

Sat, Mar 12 2016 4:05 PM by overtheedge. 81 replies.
  • alanti Australia
    10,315 Posts
    Fri, Mar 11 2016 7:01 PM

    I am pretty confident that anyone reading this thread is aware that it is totally for jest and nothing least that is it's intention

    Oh.....I must apologize as I was about to write a nasty on your wall.......

    Not that I have a beard....but maybe in the future as I thought it might be a way to recycle the food that gets stuck in know when you have the munchies in the middle of the night.........

  • overtheedge United States
    5,781 Posts
    Sat, Mar 12 2016 4:05 PM


    ....saying goodbye to Warsaw, Kentucky, I must ask " what's wrong with you guys?" I've noticed of late the current "de rigueur" look for fellas, the "Rutherford B. Hayes/James Garfield" beard look that just looks awful. It makes cute guys ugly and ugly guys, real ugly. What are you thinking ? LOSE THE BEARD !! Don't be a sheep, be a shepard ;-}

    Hi Lily.

    Funny things Lily or maaaaaybe not so funny, you created this post 2 years ago and beards are more in NOW '16  than they were in '14. Crazy man,,,,,,(just an expression) not saying beards are crazy.

    I have a scruff going on right now because we had to put our precious Lab down a while back and couldn't continue to come home  to an empty house so what do we do (and Im not in my 40's anymore) we get a 5 month old Boxweiler. O.M.G. Coolest freaking pup though. Well I think she needs to go out AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN! Its going to be a tough month and a beard might just happen. I haven't had one since the 80's so hey! WTH,,lol.

    Keep in touch Lily. TWY soon.