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Re: AB's Putting Guide-My Secrets

Tue, Dec 31 2019 9:15 AM by BigTrap. 73 replies.
  • maoriand1 Italy
    1,191 Posts
    Sat, Aug 31 2019 2:40 AM
    AB thx for your share skills on green. It s always usefull see how other players play on green. I m more or less very close to your method but we play diff power on green. I already saw your video and i already saw u hit little bit aggressive then me.. u play one aim line closer then me. For a champ 13 i use 0.62.. 0.66 is around a turn 12.. 0.68 > 11.5. This is my parameter but u know it depends by the hole position. Sometime for 10 fters putt i use the same distance in every green. Keep going and don t listen haters 😉
  • dryspot United States
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    Sat, Aug 31 2019 6:49 AM

    I agree keep doing what you do we appreicate the videos and tips  thanx  AB.

  • GreatScot77 United States
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    Tue, Oct 29 2019 8:22 PM

    The .xx numbers are adjustments for faster greens. Example: a 10 ft putt on a normal green you would hit as 10 feet on your meeter. A 10 foot putt on a faster green would be multiplied with the speed adjustment (.xx). So a 10 foot putt on a green with .68 adjustment would be 10 x .68 = 6.8. You would then hit your 10 foot putt by hitting 6.8 feet on your meter. Hope that helps.


  • BigTrap United States
    23 Posts
    Tue, Dec 31 2019 9:15 AM

    Thanks to everyone for the great information! I've been on here for years but want a simple formula for better putting. I use go to ball,aim,try for the ding. Does it work for better scores? No not really but what are you gonna do right? Happy New Years everyone.