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Re: Player Status / Invite

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Thu, Oct 30 2008 8:20 AM by tibbets. 1 replies.
  • 2Stroke United States
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    Thu, Oct 30 2008 6:38 AM

    It would be great if the player status light which is currently green...meaning online and active would change to a different color such as yellow to let us know they are currently in a round.  This way we won't invite them to a round of golf.  This may not seem like a big deal. There seems to be a bug in the software that locks the game if you manually decline an invite.  Could save some frustration if the status light would change based on what the player is doing.


    thanks for a great game

  • tibbets United States
    1,043 Posts
    Thu, Oct 30 2008 8:20 AM


    I agree with you, 2Stroke.  A *Game-in-progress* color would be helpful down the line.  You are also right about the bug which crashes the multiplayer session when declining another Game Invite.  Hopefully both issues will be addressed as the game progresses out of Beta.