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Re: Bilko's Wind Calculator Now A Program

Mon, Nov 23 2015 8:09 AM by MrFunnyWobbl. 164 replies.
  • DAD111 United Kingdom
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    Sun, Jan 6 2013 11:28 AM

    Hi SGT,

    I didn't have any problems downloading the files but the Wind Calculator prog shown in your screenshot is missing. It's Steve's Caddy that opens although it has the wind calc prog but the screen is different. Works fine as far as I can tell. I just wondered if it had been updated at all or am I missing something on the install?

    It's not really important as your programmes are great and can only benefit my game, so I have to agree with YJ in that all your work here will help a lot of players and for that I thank you.


  • mnshiner United States
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    Mon, Jan 7 2013 11:38 AM

    I think that there has been some cheating going on here. Doesn't the picture in the following link look like something that was posted on this thread already.

    Virtual Caddy

    Edit: Link not working, just google Virtual Caddy.

  • YankeeJim United States
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    Mon, Jan 7 2013 11:44 AM

    I think that there has been some cheating going on here.

    Here's what WGTPizza has to say and he's perfectly right. No cheating going on.

    Don't confuse the outrage 3+ years ago about the very same thing. WGT never passed judgment on it then and it was blown way out of proportion. The outrage was all community oriented and originated. The author of that was a blowhard and pitched a hissy fit when it wasn't accepted as gospel. Then he tried to make $ off of it and got himself sent down the road.

  • mnshiner United States
    1,349 Posts
    Mon, Jan 7 2013 11:56 AM


    Look the same to me

  • YankeeJim United States
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    Mon, Jan 7 2013 1:34 PM

    It sure does. And this is where the giveaway is-it doesn't hit the ball for you, just saves you some brain strain.  :-)

  • 2DAMFLASHY United States
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    Mon, Jan 7 2013 3:09 PM


    i just gotta say... it don't bother me if folks wanna use this... 

    hope it helps... i'm wayyy far from a brainy'ak .. but can get the same calculations in my head in just a few seconds.. depending on how good the BUD is... :)

    but i wouldn't trust that chart anyway ... there are a buncha hole's u simply have to know need a lil more or a lil less power ... that NO scale can predict.. 

    but it should help alot of ppl ...and thats a cool thing.. long as they do it in less than 90 seconds in multi play... lol 

    still gotta make the putt ... 

    peace ... 

  • steveosh Canada
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    Mon, Jan 7 2013 4:44 PM

    yeah it is just a HELPer, it doesn't take the swing for you. sorry i just went alittle wild trying to figure how the wind effects the ball.

    I worked out  multipliers for each feature  ( and then tried to work out a formula.

    SgtBilko has been great and helped me alot  with the golf, I did his two programs and then tried to do tweating with more options for the other,


    Just trying to help thats all

  • Oldbayrunner United States
    1,773 Posts
    Tue, Jan 8 2013 6:17 AM

    Yep Moonshiner sure looks like a knock off of that old Virtual Caddy.. Nice add with the elevation though. Hope he doesn't have the other program that went with it....LOL

    Problem with that Steve is it takes too much inputting and selecting. If you want to make something worth while have it calculate with no more than 4 input selections max. Try using that in a timed game especially 30 or 60 sec one. You will wind up losing a lot of timed out strokes.


  • andwhy67 United Kingdom
    1,664 Posts
    Tue, Jan 8 2013 6:53 AM

    Shooting 50's in 18, and low 20's in RG's, there is something out there, i do know. Reading Nivlacs putting guide, every putter and avatar has a certain amount of movements per distance, its the same with your irons, not just your putter, do what i did, spend some time working this out, use a bit of thinking.

    And with quality balls and clubs, this should slow and smooth the meter down enough.

  • Chinajohn China
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    Tue, Jan 8 2013 8:06 PM

    I downloaded this (eventually) thanks. I've now used it on all the free courses and it averages about 5 - 7yds long, my old system (using a calculator) of elevation 1ft = 1yd length, and then gauge the wind, 45degrees = 50% behind and 50% offset etc was more accurate although consistently 3 yds or so short.

    The programme is useful, but it appears to have limits and I've largely stopped using it, but thanks for the time and effort you've put into it.