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Re: Recent Reviews: november 26

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Sun, Oct 26 2008 12:48 PM by 10Handicapper. 2 replies.
  • clabbem Chile
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    Wed, Oct 22 2008 3:52 PM

    world golf tour could be the salvation for golf gamers


    You won´t do -10 in 9 holes

    You won´t drive 450 yards


    This could be the real golf game simulator!


    My review about "world golf tour Beta testing"


    CPU used for Testing the game was:


    Intel centrino, core 2 duo - 2,2 Ghz, P 9300, nvidia 256 MB 8600 GTM, display LCD, windows vista

    Internet connection 4 Mega




    Score 7.3   out of 10




    I´ve played games since links 1998 to tiger woods 2008, I have played all golf games on the market and I´ve played real golf since 6 years old, now I´m 33, So I can say honestly that this game is going for the right way. I´m really big surprise that i can play a gre8 game golf using Fashplayer without buying a CD.

    I´ve seen as all the golf games are worst nowadays, in 2008, than in 1998 doing the golf games to look arcade as Tiger woods with pathetic cameras for kids, so  I´m really big surprised that i can play a gre8 game golf using Fashplayer without buying a CD, definitly  world golf tour seems to be the salvation for golf gamers.




    The game is gr8, the scenary graphics is gr8 too, however i believe that there are some things that could be fixed to have a complete game golf.


    1)★  how the ranking works? is the average score in my whole history? or it takes the last 10 games or something?

    If the ranking is calculate besed in the all score history that won´t be a good way to do, i believe, because when a new player start to play this game the problability is that he´ll start with a huge scores as 46, 47, 40 or up because obviously they don´t know very well the game., So their players will never go to the top scores ever for the way "whole history average score". Moreover there are some players who play a few games, and they appeared in the top rank in spite of players who play a lot of matches, so it´s hard to do a score of 32 in 38 games in a row, than 32 in only 2 games, so the average score doesn´t work as it should for that case.

    I believe that how to calculate the ranking, should be a sum of multiples factors in the way to calculate each player rank so in the future  any player could be a top player and don´t be wanted for the sacore that you did in the past. The ecuations to calculate the rank could be for instance:


    .- Average score

    .- Don´t have the posibility to forfeit games and play only once a not to play a lot games until the score  is too low enough to be saved in the web .

    .- If you win better players than you or  if you win a top  10 players you will recieved more points

    .- If you do hole one,

    .- Tournaments position

    .- Extra bonus for excelents shoot, and so for


    Perhaps I am wrong, and the rank is calculate with a different system that I´ve said above.



    2)   Sound: need to improve the driver and iron sound. As I´ve played both, virtual and real golf, one thing that we as golfer like the most, is the sound driver on the tee shot. When you hit the ball just in the middle and the ball go in the air right perfect you´ll hear that amazing sound.!! or the full PW going right to the flag  and hear the sound of the ball hitting the humid green.


    for instance:  down there are some real sound driver and Irons that i´ve found on internet, as good as we play and hear in the real live.

    The sound of the driver must be complete different than, 3 wood, 5 wood. etc., and it the same for Irons sound, as iron 3 comparated with iron 8 or 9, who really know golf can say that.


    That seem really unimportant items, but ask for any golf players and I 100% sure that the answer we´ll be the same than i´ve put above.





    3)  Graphic player more photorealistic: the player graphic is very poor if we comparated  the scenary graphic with the player graphic. It seems to be a copy, paste and cutting using photoshop and save it in a very poor quality  resolution graphic, the player graphic seems to be a game  of 90´s and not for 2008.


    4)   The player need to improve his/her swing doing more fluent between start the swing and finished the swing, like link LS 2000  (microsoft) very realistic .


    for instance:    Best swing players ever PGA



    5) Improve Drivers and Irons graphics and diferents include differents desings


    6)   More courses definetly


    7)   Don´t let the people quit, when they are playing a bad game because they are cheating so they won´t save that score. It´s a complicate item because of if a player´s lost their conection for any reason and your penalized them with a huge score, he never won´t recover their status , and that could be unfair, complety defferent is the person that to porpuse leave the game to get advantage of that. So must be another option that the quitter couldn´t leave the game.

    Create a ranking of quitters or something like that

    8) Could be nice with crowed for tournaments, but with really good quality graphic and sound, if don´t., it´s ok without them.


    9) When you have a tree in front of you, this tree don´t have any effect in the game because we´ll never hit the tree.


    10) The river and lake water could be animated


    11) The camera is better as tee shot and not with angle


    12) online: 

    .- Score under par in red.

    .- Country flag together with the player name

    .- faster loading, improving the servers.

    .- Online profile , when you click the player name, the profile  must show the best stroke score for that course and for that player that you´ve  clicked on, as you see full profile.


    13)  Tournaments: Entry tournaments for differents countries


    14) In the green, the balls need to be replaced by markers. When I am going to do my put,  sometimes the ball of my opponent is just in front of my ball, so this isn´t good.


    15) Chat room where we can talk before and after games.


    16) The flags in the hole have to be changed in differents position.


    17) In the VGT player will be good to select:

           Tier / Country / Ranking

    18) in control, a option to do back spin .



    Games that I´ve played


    Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 08

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

    Tiger Woods 2002 PGA Tour

    Leaderboard Golf

    Pro Stroke Golf: World Tour 2007

    Total Pro Golf

    Golf 1999 (PC)

    Golf 1998 Edition (1998) Windows 95

    Golf 1999 Edition (1999) Windows 95

    Links LS 2000 (2000) Windows

    Links LS 2000 10 Course Pack (2000) Windows

    Links Championship Edition (2001) Windows (Includes Links 2001,

    Links Expansion Pack 1, a Course Designer, a Course Converter and 4 new courses)

    Links 2001 (2001) Windows Microsoft Game Studios

    Links Expansion Pack (2001) Windows

    Links 2003 (2002) Windows Microsoft Game Studios

    Links 2003: Championship Courses (2002) Windows

    Links 2004 (2003) Xbox

    Links 2003: Championship Edition (2003) Windows (Includes Links 2003 and Links 2003: Championship Courses


     keep on doing


    User: clabbem



  • Chiilidipper United States
    1 Posts
    Thu, Oct 23 2008 2:11 PM

     The game is great I think  it should have a couple more courses.

  • 10Handicapper United States
    1 Posts
    Sun, Oct 26 2008 12:48 PM

     I just played with Clabbem and another player - this was the first time that all players finished the game - so I agree with Clabbem that players who quit when they get a bad hole or two aren't being fair.

    Overall - great game and I love playing it.

    Mike from Chicago, aka 10Handicapper