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Re: No Virtual Open Championship in 2012

Mon, Jul 16 2012 1:12 PM by PaulH0070. 120 replies.
  • PaulH0070 United Kingdom
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    Mon, Jul 16 2012 1:12 PM


    Why not have a course like Wentworth, Playing a hole like the 18Th would be fun.

    good call. i'd love to see a course like Wentworth and The Belfry on here, Loch Lomond would also be a belter.

    hell even a few courses local to me, The London Club, East Sussex National and Chart Hills would look great on here. not world wide recognised names, but as it goes i've not heard of many US courses until they appear on the tv. 

    there's hidden gems all over.

    if WGT can't get on the open course of that year it wouldn't be the end of the world if they introduced another UK course and to be honest i'd prefer it to be a non links course aswell. 

    i think the rest of the world thinks all Britain has to offer is links ;-) we've got great parkland, heathland and other inland courses that aren't a bad knock aswell, lol