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Re: Putter Scale Option

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Sun, Mar 1 2009 2:55 PM by BiRdyKiNg. 8 replies.
  • majorwoods United States
    9 Posts
    Thu, Feb 26 2009 5:58 AM

     I recently had a 31 foot putt that was 7 inches downhill and had to use the 60 scale. Ive also run into other situations where I was given the 150 and would have rather used my 60 and left it a foot short rather than hit 15 feet past the hole because of the huge scale. Is there any way we can get a scale option when we putt so that we can decide which one we use? This would really help me on those long birdie putts to at least stop it a little closer for my par shot. Thanks!

  • tomab Norway
    405 Posts
    Thu, Feb 26 2009 12:21 PM

    Yes, I have experienced the opposit, where the scale isn't enough to reach to the hole because of uphill putt.

    A scale option is then quite essential.

    Tom Ab.

  • CWCULLER United States
    4 Posts
    Thu, Feb 26 2009 12:41 PM

    I second that. I would totally benefit with that option. There's options for the other clubs. I really sucks when you get the 150 scale and you hit it and it flies 50 passed the hole.

    They need to get on the ball with that. 

    Peace Out!

    Farmington High School Football Rules!!!

  • TXBowhunter United States
    82 Posts
    Thu, Feb 26 2009 2:33 PM


    I am with tomab.  I have had 2 putts just today where I had to hit the 30ft putter at 100% and just came up short.

  • Dadrulz Canada
    4 Posts
    Fri, Feb 27 2009 1:09 AM


    I agree, putting has to be fine tuned.

  • seniorbruno United States
    454 Posts
    Fri, Feb 27 2009 4:53 AM

     This issue is my biggest complaint with the game. On #4, I've had 27 ft w/ 7" downhill several times and get stuck with the 60 scale.

    While I'm here, anyone figured out how hard to hit a putt from the fringe? Not even close to realistic.

  • Middle4man United States
    368 Posts
    Fri, Feb 27 2009 6:07 AM

     Allow me to share my experiences with putting from the fringe. Unrealistic, yes. However, I'm having to add 8-10 feet of power on my putts on that type of terrain. If I have a severe downhill putt, I'll only add 8 feet, but I've been pretty close on my distances by adding 10 to most. Hope this helps in any way.

  • TXBowhunter United States
    82 Posts
    Fri, Feb 27 2009 10:45 AM


    From the Fringe -------  CHIP IT!

  • BiRdyKiNg United States
    30 Posts
    Sun, Mar 1 2009 2:55 PM


    I flop about 90% of shots that are on the 60ft putting scaleor in the fringe.  I am deadly from 9-19 yards flopping...and yes I do it often on the greens.  I flop because Ican almost guarantee Iwill be inside 4ft, and more times than not, I have a chance for it to go in.  For me its a lot more consistant, aleast the way i hit it, than chipping.

    As far as for the topic...yeah...scale option should be added....maybe even telescoping  :).