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About Erin Hills Golf Course

Erin Hills Overview

Bentgrass carpets the tees and greens, while fine fescue fairways provide a fast and firm-playing surface on 652 acres. The course is walking-only and played in a traditional atmosphere with few artificial distractions.

Erin Hills Stats

Michael Hurdzan, Dana Fry, Ron Whitten
Black 77.9 rating 7,800 yards
Blue 75.0 rating 7,174 yards
Green 73.2 rating 6,754 yards
White 70.5 rating 6,233 yards
Gold 69.2 rating 5,082 yards

Erin Hills Events

U.S. Open Championship 2017
U.S. Amateur Championship 2011
U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links Championship 2008

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posted by Oldstir on Mar 14
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Erin Hills Recent Top Scores on WGT

75 Nov 19 McCheese51
83 Nov 19 sagay
74 Nov 19 JonWagoner

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Nov 01 November Master Tier Open
Nov 01 November Legend Tier Open

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